At Simple Creative Services, we take a holistic approach to designing brands. We considering things like the competition, target market, customer motivation, and overall brand message as we design content. Our approach is to get the message correct up front so your brand message is clear and memorable.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis Icon
A powerful tool that tells you who your competition is, and where their value lies.  The Competitor Analysis delivers invaluable information, and a key understanding of the mindset of your customer base.  A cornerstone to developing effective brand strategy.

Logo Design

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Logos, Emblems, Crests, Avatars, Icons; These powerful graphic elements continue to broadcast your value long after the sales and marketing efforts have done their job.  Simple Creative Services makes it easy to craft your legacy, and forge your brand for success.

Fonts & Color Branding

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Strategic use of fonts, and color branding extend brand resonance even further, by leaving a subconscious meta message.  Proper font usage, and color placement are proven to connect on an emotional level with clients, and are capable of creating a desire to buy.

Marketing Collateral Design

marketing collateral
PowerPoint Templates, White Paper Templates, Web & Social Media Graphics, Banners, Print & Digital Advertisements, Videos, Audio Voice Over; We design it all, and we are setup to produce it for you as needed, or every single month.

Videos & Audio

audio video
Commercials, TV Spots, Voice Over, Webcasts, and Podcasts.  We take care of everything from planning to post production, and turn over a product built to go viral.

Event Branding

event branding
Signs, Conference Booklets, Flyers, Promotional Videos, Booth Design, Print & Digital Advertisements; we even design sales strategies for large events. We make sure your customers notice you, and we make the whole process simple.