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Who is Simple Creative Services?

Value driven content for your brand

Simple Creative Services is an insightful website content development service, with over 20 years of communication and design experience.  We are focused on delivering images, videos, and copywriting that communicate brand value, and establish your brand as an industry leader.

What does Simple Creative Services Do?

Graphics, video, web, and copywriting

Simple Creative Services solves web and digital marketing challenges many small and mid-sized businesses face.  Solutions range from visually designing a brand, to developing a strategic message your customers can relate to.

Why work with Simple Creative Services?

Flexible, knowledgeable, affordable and dedicated to your success

Our service is aimed at helping small and mid-sized business who don’t have the demand or budget for a year-round staff to perform enterprise work.  So our philosophy is to flex to your workflow, and act as an extra set of hands on things like: your blog, website, social media page; even designing sales collateral and responses to RFP’s.

Highlight the value and message, not the chaos.
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At Simple Creative Services, we take a holistic approach to designing brands. We considering things like the competition, target market, customer motivation, and overall brand message as we design content. Our approach is to get the message correct up front so your brand message is clear and memorable.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis Icon
A powerful tool that tells you who your competition is, and where their value lies.  The Competitor Analysis delivers invaluable information, and a key understanding of the mindset of your customer base.  A cornerstone to developing effective brand strategy.

Logo Design

Logo Icon
Logos, Emblems, Crests, Avatars, Icons; These powerful graphic elements continue to broadcast your value long after the sales and marketing efforts have done their job.  Simple Creative Services makes it easy to craft your legacy, and forge your brand for success.

Fonts & Color Branding

font and color icon
Strategic use of fonts, and color branding extend brand resonance even further, by leaving a subconscious meta message.  Proper font usage, and color placement are proven to connect on an emotional level with clients, and are capable of creating a desire to buy.

Marketing Collateral Design

marketing collateral
PowerPoint Templates, White Paper Templates, Web & Social Media Graphics, Banners, Print & Digital Advertisements, Videos, Audio Voice Over; We design it all, and we are setup to produce it for you as needed, or every single month.

Videos & Audio

audio video
Commercials, TV Spots, Voice Over, Webcasts, and Podcasts.  We take care of everything from planning to post production, and turn over a product built to go viral.

Event Branding

event branding
Signs, Conference Booklets, Flyers, Promotional Videos, Booth Design, Print & Digital Advertisements; we even design sales strategies for large events. We make sure your customers notice you, and we make the whole process simple.




When it comes to marketing, we are fast, effective, and flexible.  Pull Simple Creative Services into a big project coming up; or utilize our resources as your total marketing effort. Websites, videos, social media, blogs; we lead the communications so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Website Design

web design
Need a new website? Simple Creative Services can help you find a solution that fits your goals.  We designs the graphics and the website template, and set you up to take it from there; or we can manage your website on an on-going basis.


Having trouble coming up with text copy for your website, blog, or white paper?  We can create value driven, SEO friendly, copywriting that connects with your customers, and we can turn it around quickly.

Content Development

content development
Infographics, Charts, Tables, PowerPoint Graphics, Videos, Webcasts, Podcasts; any type of content  you need designed, we can help you.

Social Media

social media
We setup your business with everything you need to start your social media endeavors.  Social media boost your brand online driving traffic to your website, and it is the best way to keep customers up to date on your brand. We can also design an effective social media strategy, completely managing your digital brand so that you don’t have to come up with the content.


Want to get started selling products and services online to an international audience?  We make the process Simple.  From hosting, to e-commerce platforms; sell to the world through Simple Creative Services.


Development and design of enterprise print, web and video advertisements. We can manage your advertisements even if you don’t have the time.


Production Marketing services are available on an as-needed basis, or a reoccurring basis, we fit into your workflow.




Effective graphic design has a deeper impact, especially online.  Images transcend language barriers, and forward-thinking companies have realized the best communications include engaging images. Since we have such a holistic approach, we design each graphic specifically for the task at hand.  We know exactly how to visualize your message.

White Papers

white papers
One of the best ways to attract more visitors to your website, and to position your brand as an industry thought leader is through the regular publication of white papers or think pieces.  We can help you with everything from layout to message, making the entire process simple.

Slide Decks

slide decks
Do you have an upcoming presentation where you really want to make a big impact?  Simple Creative Services can design a branded presentation chocked full of professional images, videos, and animations that enhance your presentation.

Flyers & Circulars

Drive more attention to your brand, and attract better quality web traffic with promotions delivered through flyers, circular or direct mail.  Need a hand coming up with a sales promotion that fits with your brand? Simple Creative Services makes it easy.

Blog Content

blog content
Blogging is one of the best ways to create a more personal relationship with your customers.  Do you need someone to lead your endeavors?  We work closely with your team to learn about the latest news, announcements, and company events so that we can let your customers know what they should be excited about.

Photo, Audio & Video Edits

photo audio video edits
Professional videography, commercial production, tv spots, product spec videos, professional voice over, audio edits, photo edits, and optimization.

Infographics & Illustrations

infographics and illustrations
We are data visualization experts here at Simple Creative Services.  That means, we have a unique way of turning numbers, quotes, and facts into social media ready images.  If you are looking for a memorable way to engage your customers, ask Simple Creative Services to bring your data life.


Production Design services are available on an as-needed basis, or a reoccurring basis, we fit into your workflow.


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